Producing original feature films for a global audience

At Dutch Angle we develop, produce and finance commercial genre films for a global audience. A strong concept in a well-structured story containing universal values and notable cast and director are our main ingredients.

It’s our goal to create entertainment that is meaningful to our audience – entertainment that will be revered for generations.

Production services Europe

Dutch Angle provides overseas producers with a Hollywood service experience in the heart of Europe.

Our services include producing, arranging full financing, and structuring productions to maximize soft money and meet cultural requirements.

We are familiar with the practices and standards that international producers, talent, and below-the-line professionals expect.

Our team consists of professionals with extensive production experience at all budget levels, ensuring a fast turnaround to keep your production on track.

We bring together the best Europe has to offer.

Packaging Services – Making projects investor-ready

Crafting film budgets and navigating tax incentives across European nations pose considerable challenges. Assessing whether these incentives can practically be utilized for production could add further complexity.

At Dutch Angle, we can create precise budgets that not only maximize tax benefits but also synchronize seamlessly with sales forecasts.

Our expertise streamlines the process for producers, saving them valuable time and ensuring their proposals are investor-ready.


  • Production services for Europe

  • Apply for tax incentives and cultural tests

  • Create pan-European co-production structures

  • Budget across multiple jurisdictions

  • Create realistic finance plans and optimize soft monies

  • Scheduling and planning

  • Line producing

  • Post production supervision

  • Creative packaging

  • Production financing

  • Pay-or-play financing

  • Consulting

Bringing together the best Europe
has to offer